Temporary silicone to underskull adhesive?

So I'm getting into the testing stages of my project and wondering what I can use to temporarily "glue" my platinum silicone hero skin to the fiber glass underskull, eye lids, move parts, etc.? Also if anyone knows a good adhesive to use on the final skin that'd be great info too! Thanks for any suggestions and cheers! 

Video of the eye: http://https//www.instagram.com/p/BOJPt49Fg8f/


  • I use Sil-Poxy from Smooth On for final application. Can stick the silicone to almost anything. 

    As for temporary, a dab of Hot Glue maybe? I've used double-sided tape before on foam rubber but that was an emergency situation and not something I'd use if I had any other choice. 

  • @Stephen Woolner Thanks! I ended up trying some cheap end super glue and it worked nicely. It held great for some tests but also wasnt to hard to peal off.
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