Creature Sculpting Contest Entry - Queen Hagopuss

There is a video of me sculpting and creating the original resin figure "Queen Hagopuss" HERE.
She is 10 inches tall, sculpted out of monster clay, cast in solid urethane resin, articulated at 8 points, and airbrushed with handmixed urethane paints. Here's a little something I wrote to describe her -
In a future time and place far from our comprehension, the Hagopuss reigns high atop a crag over the blackest of waters. Queen of her domain and many others for a thousand miles, this leviathan crawled out of the dark sea, growing in enormity as centuries passed. With a ravenous appetite that never ceases and a nightmarish birthing of hundreds of spawn every full moon, there is no halting her and her legion's monstrous domination. ALL HAIL THE QUEEN HAGOPUSS!!


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