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Hello World,

I'm working on designing a creature I hope to bring to life in the near future that would require icicle hanging off my performers face.  My initial thought was to make these out of a clear resin, or even a silicone.  My concern, though, is that they would be too heavy for any prosthetic adhesive to hold on.  If anyone has come across techniques or materials that they feel could aim my guidance as I move on, I would be most appreciated.  Thanks in advance.


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    also, if anyone has some good tips for a realistic frostbite effect, I would be more than happy to hear that as well.
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    Depending on the scale of the icicle resin should work.  Try a makeup test with something of similar size/weight using Pros-Aid or telesis 5 adhesive.  The more surface area at the point of contact the better your bond will be.  You can even do it as part of an appliance so there is material outside the bounds of the icicle.

    Pros-Aid and a light dusting of salt or sugar can be used to create great frost buildup on skin/hair effects, just be careful around the eyes.  There is lots of great reference material out there.

    You can also search for "Ice FX Pro Kit" or "Ice FX Makeup" to find some off-the-shelf solutions.

    Frostbite will mostly be a matter of proper coloring.  As unplesant as it is your best bet is looking at plenty of reference photos and taking note of how the colors blend and what the relationship between different colors and the area of damage are.

    Areas of swelling can be built-up with gelatin or silicone (3rd degree for example)

    Burst skin from swelling can be created with think layers of Pros-Aid or latex stipple.  Just test any actors for latex allergies first.

    Frostbite can often appear shiny.  For that you can brush on a thin layer of KY jelly or other water-soluble lubricant.

    Really bad frostbite can cause things like de-gloving (look it up, but be warned it's not pretty).  For that you may need to make appliances or stipple on latex over skin that has a bit of a release on it so it can be floated off and re-attached as appropriate for the desired effect.

    And don't forget to post your work or any makeup tests here!

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    Thanks, Chris!  Extremely helpful.  Much appreciated. 
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