Forest Deer- Creature Sclupting Contest Entry

 My Entry for the contest,'Troubadour'. He's a deer like creature that lives in the woods and has trees for antlers. As the antlers grow,he cuts them off and uses the wood to create musical instruments. His favorite to play is a cello.
However, his antlers take a long time to produce that much material and Troubadour has to deal with the terrible weight for decades just to produce a single cello. 
After decades of carrying the weight of his massive antlers to make large instruments , his back and neck are too worn out and tried and he now only makes fiddles, violas and small flutes.

 Even though this character and props are not all clay, it still uses several different techniques associated with character design and sculpture. Materials used were Super Sculpy, faux fur, wire armature, enamel based paints, balsa wood for props.

Thank you for your time!



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