Making a Sci Fi Helmet with Fon Davis - Concept and Design

Hello everybody.

This is the first time I start a thread here. I hope all is in the right place. As I enrolled in the SciFi Helmet Webinar I thought
it might be a good time to start and come up with a design. On the chance of going overboard I started doodling out whatever
came to my mind. I am hoping to select and polish one of these (or coming) designs so that I have something that can be
created the way that Fon Davis is going to teach us.

I am looking forward to see / meet you all online and I´d be happy for feedback on the designs too.

Cheers and smiles from London




  • I have no idea where the big gap between body of the post and the image came from. Anybody knows how to edit a post? I can´t seem to find an "edit" button   :D
  • looking back at earlier work I am thinking that this helmet is pretty much going in the direction that I want

  • Cool designs Wolf! can't wait to see them vacuum formed :)
  • The gap in the post is caused by a CSS issue that is also happening on other posts, so editing your post would not fix it.

    .Message img { max-width: 100%; } in applications/dashboard/design/style.css is the source of the trouble.  If the webmaster changes that 100% to a 99% the issue will go away.
  • Speaking of css issues, looks like my post was mangled too.  The webmaster may also need to turn on an option allowing us to edit our own posts. 
  • thank you guys. I am curious myself which ones will be good to use

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