Painting Foam Latex

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Hi, I've been researching the best paint in Foam and got here. I have skins masks made in Foam Latex.

I need to leave the skins with the tonality closest to the real one.

I would like to know the best technique for do this:
- if I use acrylic paint with Pros Aide or
- if there are paints ready for this paint job in Foam Latex.

Thanks for help!
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    Hi Marco,

    When I paint foam latex I use PAX paints.  I have some pre-made PAX that I got from MEL Products that I really love, and I also mix up my own using Liquitex heavy body acrylic paint and Pros Aide.

    Here is where you can get the MEL Products PAX:

    They also have PAX kits:

    I grabbed their "Monster Collection" kit at Monsterpalooza and really like it.

    I've also used rubber cement paint on foam in the past, but I prefer using the PAX paint.

  • Thanks for help Cris.

    I realy liked these PAX kits!!

    Many thanks
  • I don't have a comment, but I do have a couple questions.  I apologize if this is the wrong place to put this, I have never been on a forum before and was a little confused where the question should go.
    My questions liquid latex the same as liquid rubber latex?  Is rubber cement paint the same as rubber paper cement paint? 

  • Hi Bobbi,

    Liquid latex and liquid rubber latex are the same thing.  There are different formulas of liquid latex depending on the intended application, with differing quantities of latex rubber, water, and ammonia and occasionally other additives.

    I'm not familiar with the term rubber paper cement paint, but rubber cement paints are made using the same type of rubber cement often used when bonding paper.

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