Creature Sculpture Contest

Jabba the Hut costume
My brother and I made this costume for this years Halloween costume contests at night clubs, bars, and cons. Its made with paper mache, card board, and expansion foam. Details in the face was made with free form air. The smoking device is made with two large christmas clear balls, jump rope, village in pie pan, and toy frogs. The faces on the lower base were sculpted out of clay and molded and cast with smooth-on 300. This was our first time molding and casting. The paint job was painted with spray paint and airbrush. The shirt and gloves were dyed green first, then painted with spray paint and airbrush to match with Jabba's colors. The little creature by the tail was sculpted out of paper mache and paper towel rolls. 


  • Those are cool and all, but those are costumes not sculptures. 
  • They are all hand sculpted, just because they are worn doesn't exclude them from being sculptures. We use this slimmer costume every year as a center piece decoration for our Halloween party. We stuff the arms and gloves with fabric. And place it in the center of the food table. We have even used it as yard decoration for Halloween night. And will do the same with Jabba next year. So if no one is wearing it does it become a sculpture.

  • Great work! goodluck to you
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