Shop tools-clay warmers

I made a clay warmer similar to the one in shop basics. It's a wood box lined with foil backed bubble wrap and a shop lamp screwed to the top. It has a front flap instead of reaching through the top. I recently added an Inkbird temperature/power control so the temp doesn't get too hot and melt the clay. Just put the clay in an old ceramic bowl so it stays clean. The Inkbird controller isn't in this set of pictures. What other shop made gadgets are out there?


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    That's a great looking clay warmer!  Looks like it would do a great job keeping claw nice and soft, and I dig the front flap with magnets.

    In terms of other shop made gadgets in a similar vain, I'm working on designing a desktop dust extraction box to help keep dust down when sanding, grinding, or using a dremel.  I'll make a forum post about it once it's further along.  But it's basically just a plexiglass box with an open front and top that can fold up when needed.   At the back are some fans and a connection point for a shop vac.

    I've also been looking into the possibility of designing my own small vibrating table to help with mold making and casting, but I may end up just buying a model used for dental mold making.

    I love seeing custom made tools/shop resources like this!

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