Realistic small alien puppet needed for short film

Hi, wizards of practical effects. I'm an indie filmmaker in Texas and I'm developing a new science fiction short that's under 5 minutes in run time, like a miniature Twilight Zone episode.

In it there's a small alien creature that I'd love to pull off in camera rather than trying CGI (partly out of nostalgia and partly because I think it'd look like a cartoon.) But I haven't been able to find anyone in my area that makes realistic puppets. If you or someone you know may be interested in collaborating with me by correspondence then please let me know.

Before you ask, here are a few of the obvious questions:

What type of creature is it? 
The script describes the alien as a "space slug", but that's only because I figured that would be the easiest design to build. (Basically a hand puppet.) I have worked with the film's concept artist to sketch out some more elaborate ideas, but the final design may be determined by what the maker is able to pull off.

Is this a paying gig?
Not really. I may be able to help with the cost of materials, but this is basically a near no-budget project that is never going to generate a nickel. Everyone involved is volunteering their time and talent because they love creating cool stuff. I guess compensation for service would be adding something to your demo reel/portfolio and, hopefully, artistic fulfillment.

When are you shooting?
Likely not until after Christmas. I'd love to shoot tomorrow, but because this is science fiction everything has to be designed and made and tested (costume, make-up, etc.) before principal photography. Right now different artists are working on almost every aspect of the film, but no one is on the creature yet.

- Chris Dombrosky


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