Kaiju, Tokusatsu style fabrication techniques tutorial suggestion

I don't know how many other's besides myself would be interested in learning the techniques of creating characters like that of Kamen Rider, Power Rangers, Godzilla, and other sentai series. So lets find out. I know I for one dreamt first of being a fabricator and character artist watching Rita create a new monster every week in the early 90's. So if my fellow memebers would also like to learn these techniques, speak up and reply. I think a webinar on the big foam suits of the monster's would be amazing, and maybe one on making giant robots as well.


  • Oh yeah!

    I think it is an awesome idea. And maybe we can get close to the design and making of miniatures as well!
  • That's an art form I'm really hoping to specialize in, I've got a lot of ideas inspired by kaiju and tokusatsu films I'd love to bring to life one day!
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