I have a few questions about this career field. I was wondering if someone could answer them for me.

 First, I was wondering what the work environment is like and how would you describe the day-to-day activity? Next, how many hours a week do you typically work, including any take-home tasks? Finally what are some of the positive and negative aspects of the work? Oh, and are there any major controversies within the field? Thanks for your help.


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    Hi Joshua,

    Day to day tasks will vary based on what department you are working in, and at smaller shops it is common for someone to work multiple departments as needed, depending on what projects are being worked on.  Things will also change based on what type of shop you are working at, and what type of position you have (full time vs. contract).  Many shops still rely on contract workers that work for the shop only when a bid is won for a big project.  Between projects those workers will migrate to other shops, so keeping an eye out for the next gig is extremely important.  

    Take home tasks are not really common, since all the materials and resources are at the shop, and bringing work home has its own set of risks and concerns.

    In terms of major controversies the field is pretty straight forward.  It's a competitive skill-based industry that is undergoing a lot of changes and those with the most diverse skill will do the best.  While there are still a number of large shops dominating the film and television markets there is a large number of small shops doing work for commercials, live/promotional events, conventions, theme parks, the halloween industry, theater, etc.  Diversification seems to be king right now.

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