Cyberpunk Armor

Ryq PedenRyq Peden
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Hey folks! The squids and I created this costume for Halloween (and for the Instructables costume contest, but we hit a snag trying to submit it so not sure yet if it will be included). The tutorials here at the Stan Winston School set us on this path and we are very grateful for all we've learned thus far.

Arduino (flora) controlling 65 Neopixels. We have a control section that includes a switch (on/off/on) to shift through three modes: Scan, Base, and +Up, a potentiometer controlling the speed of each mode's pattern, and an "attack" button that interrupts the current mode and strobes red and white.

Here is the initial video. We'll post a more informative video shortly.

Contact: rp@ryqpeden.com

Music by Ryq Peden (me)


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    Oops, maybe should have been posted in Costumes and Cosplay???
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    Great job, love the LEDs!

    The general category is ok for pretty much any posts, so don't worry! :smile:

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