What does your workspace look like?

If you're anything like me (We're all crazy artists here, so I bet you are!), you probably think it's really cool to see where other people create their art!
Since I'm in the middle of building my new workshop (I literally threw out my dining table to make room for two HUGE desks and all my materials which is flooding my place*cough* I mean elven kingdom atm.) I'll show you some pics of where I work right now.
Which would be - Everywhere! From the floor, to the couch, my bed and computer desk. :P





I promise to show you pictures of my humble workshop when it's done. :)

So guys, show us your workspace!


  • Ryan GerossieRyan Gerossie ✭✭✭
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    I live in a small apartment that I never bothered to decorate, because I always assumed I'd move.  (Ten years later and still here...)  Therefore, it isn't very fun or fancy, and honestly is kind of hard to work in sometimes as a result.  (And because LA can be awfully noisy and distracting).  One day I hope to have a place that's cool and evocative like Marita's.  Or Selina's new digs!


    Or Don's old pad!!!
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  • My old pad...
  • David CusakDavid Cusak ✭✭✭
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    Squeezed pretty tightly into a small one bedroom in North Seattle.


    And here's where I spend the majority of my days

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  • Marita i felt in love in your home design! I love this furs, candles like in Hogwart, leaves, the key, everything! (I see you play Oblivion :) That's my favourite PC game)

    I wish I have so many decorations like Mr Don some day :)

    I dream about having my own little studio underground my future house  (which I would love to build), like Dick Smith's. I am a perfect housewife, so I have a wardrobe, where all my stuff is - even an orange waiting for being old. I am sculpting on my PC desk because I can watch movies and see inspirating pictures same time. Maybe I will put my pc on a wall to have more space.


  • The first two pictures are each half of a room. The second 2 are the two offices and the last is the entrance.
  • David, I like snails on your computer :D

    Victor, your studio is fantastic!
  • Thanks Magdalena. I wish I could spend more time in it but I'm busy with work and the Haunted attraction. By the way, this probably not the place to mention this but when you are talking during class your voice sounds muffled.
    Although, I think it was last week, you came through real clear. Do you think it could be the little wind gaurd on the mic? I know your trying to talk low because of people sleeping but again, it sounds muffled. We can't hear your beautiful voice. Just saying.

    Oh, if you click on the photos you should be able to pan across the rooms.
  • I turned my microphone on max & more volume, maybe I just should't buy the cheapest model. :D Always when I want to be economic I overpay.

    Victor, do you have your studio at home? How long do you use it?

  • Magdalena, it's a building in town that I rent. I'm usually in and out all week. I try to invite young folks to get involved, create and make stuff but they rather play video games.
  • @Victor DANG! I am jealous!

    @Magdalena It's possible the wire from from mouthpiece/mic might have gotten pulled and the connection is loose. Something pushing it back in helps. 
  • Victor, I mean how many time got you to create this whole studio.

    David, I'm sure it's because this is the cheapest headset. Maybe for next course I'll buy more professional one.
  • @Magdalena I just use the headset that came with my cellphone. Its the not greatest set but the voice clarity seems to be okay.
  • Magdalena, I started out on my front porch, garage, kitchen nock, 16x20 (feet) metal building in my back yard to where I'm at now. When I started the haunted attraction I realized I need more space. It's still not enough. I had an opportunity to buy a 10000 sq foot building for $100.000 but I let it slip through my hands.

    David C. You, Magdalena and everyone else are always welcome to share my shop/studio/lab anytime.
  • Thank you, Victor, and thank you, Davi, but my smartset doesnt't work with my all-in-one-but-no-good-microphone PC.
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