Instructables Contest closed before Deadline!

Hey, I was trying to submit a costume for the Instructables contest. It says the deadline is midnight Pacific Time, but I just went to submit and it says it is already closed. Any suggestions about how I might be able to still submit?


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    Hi Ryq,

    Sorry to hear that happened. You should be able to reach out to instructables support to see why that happened.

    They have a support forum for contests:  http://www.instructables.com/community?categoryGroup=help&category=contests

    And here is their main contact page:

    In my experience their team that runs contests is pretty responsive, so I'm hoping they can assist you.

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    Ryq PedenRyq Peden
    edited November 2016
    Ha, they told me too bad. Have to enter for next year. That's truly a shame since they went against their own official rules.

    "No, it needed to be published before the deadline. Those are rules that are enforced by our prize providers that we have no control over."

    I tried to submit it before the deadline, but it said "closed" on the contest page. And that was around 9pm PT, still had hours to go according to the official rules.

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    That's really odd.  You would think they would honor that if the contest had an issue closing early.  They should not stop accepting entries before the time specified in the contest rules.

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