Life size T. rex "attack puppet"

So this has been a project a couple of months in the works in the little free time I have, but it's finally finished now!! I built it for our haunt this year as the finale prop. It suspends from an overhead track and is actor driven to be able to pop out and attack. Hinged jaw and full pivot head motion. Ted Haines' Make a Dinosaur videos were the inspiration for this one and super helpful! This is the first project of this kind and size that I've ever done. And my first real crack at foam fabrication. Very loosely based on the original Jurassic Park T. rex, but with a few size modifications to be able to fit it through a standard doorway. Overall really happy with how it turned out. Sorry for the pictures being all kinda of out of order.


  • Hi Amyrose,

    Fantastic work on your T-Rex!  The details, skin texture, and paint job all turned out great.  Ted's foam fabrication class is great (I learned a lot from it), and I'm glad it helped you in this project! 

  • Awesome!
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