Gifu Dragon Puppet and Short Film

Thank you for viewing ^^ I forgot to post here, so this is a month old now ^^;
This is my latest puppet Gifu. An eastern dragon style of puppet that was inspired by my stay in the Japanese prefect Gifu. 
Gifu features blinking eyes, moving jaw, spring based ears, rubber tongue, bell sound effects and moving neck and body. He is by far my largest puppet to date and was a huge undertaking. The scales alone took me 2 weeks to make, but I loved the challenge and enjoyed every moment working on him. 
In all Gifu is around a meter long .......don't ask me how many scales.....I lost count ^^; and is made to compress for easy travel.
Yes that's right ! I have made another short film, this time to go along with Gifu. 
Please go give it a watch ^^

I would also like to give a special thanks to Kyle for taking these amazing photos.
Kyle's Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Kylecrispd.....andmultimedia/

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4.jpg 398.9K
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