Which airbrush machine for a beginner?

I have a beauty makeup background and currently have a Dinair Single Action Airbrush. It's worked well for me to get me by, but I am looking for something more professional. Perhaps a Dual-Action. 

There is so much information out there. I really am having a hard time choosing between a Paasche and an Iwata. There is also a less expensive version on Amazon from Master.

The airbrush would need to assist me in body painting and painting foam latex appliances. Your input is very appreciated. Thank you!


  • Hi Lana, 
    Shannon Shea provides an awesome mini video on this subject in the tutorials/video section - "THE GARAGE MONSTER'S GUIDE TO AIRBRUSHES - MINI-TUTORIAL"

    If you plan to throw pax or latex based paint - anything other than thin acrylic or very thinned enamel then the standard workhorse for thick media is the cost effective Paasche H. "External mix" is the key when throwing thicker media, otherwise your going to gum up the works on anything internal mix. While in the middle of watching the video mentioned Shannon Shea (who is pure awesome) spoke highly of the Aztek A470 resin brush due to some of the quick change nozzle ability, single action and dual on the fly change ability, durability and neato features like made to purpose tips (including fine line and spatter!). 

    I have two of the Paasche's H's each fitted ready with a different tip  (1 and 3) but wanted something for finer hair/pencil line detail that I personally was not able to achieve with it (though in more capable hands people do amazing things with it).  

    In the middle of Shannon's demonstration of his beloved Aztek I ordered mine - right then and there, have not received it yet but excited since I was in the market for something easy to use and clean with a wide spectrum of tips at the ready at a very affordable price. The price linked in materials section of that vid is where I purchased mine yesterday or so. The Aztek gets some gruff in the paasche and Iwata circles but I think I'm going to really like the wide use, flexible ability and unconventional aspects of the Aztek. 

    One of my favorite artists of all time - Mr Jordu Schell I think uses an "Iwata CM-C plus" for some of his tutorials, amazing brush but is often over the $500 mark. I am getting more experience and ability nailed down before I upgrade to something of that caliber, but it seems like an amazing piece of gear. 

    Hope this was at all helpful, best of luck! 
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