Can anyone help??

Hi all
I've recently attempted to make my first mold using Polycraft GP-3481-F on a super sculpey sculpture. Unfortunately I had issues and it went horribly wrong, the glue didn't hold and I lost most of my latex, I pulled out the sculpture which is now covered in a thin layer. This doesn't seem to want to cure so I can save the sculpture, its been nearly 3 days and it is still sticky and wet. Is there any advice on getting the stuff off? Will some heat work or is it just a waiting game.
Thanks everyone hope someone can help


  • Chris EllerbyChris Ellerby Los Angeles Admin
    Can you clarify what you are talking about when you mention glue and latex?  Not sure what you mean, as neither of those relate to making a silicone mold over sculpey.

    Sounds like your silicone and catalyst were not mixed thoroughly, which will prevent the silicone from setting. If that is the case you just have to clean off the sculpture and start again.

    If you have time you can keep spraying it with water over a few days which will help the condensation cure silicone to set a bit so you can remove it easier.

    White spirit or acetone can be used to clean up uncured silicone, but there's a good chance that would also damage your sculpt.  You may be better off using paper towels, scrubbing brushes, and a lot of elbow grease. 

  • Thanks Chris that's great, sorry as far as the glue it was what I used to secure the plastic surround to the base. I used hot glue to seal the bottom and put a strip of wax clay over that, but unfortunately it didn't hold for some reason, probably from tilting to remove bubbles. 

     I was try the water trick first and see how I get on, really want to save the sculpt if possible.

    Thanks again for your advice
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