What bare basics do I need before looking into a career?

Hello, my name is Hayden and I've been interested in SFX makeup since my early high school days. I had a basic art class that only taught normal things like the color wheel and some super basic sculpting. I've never been artistically inclined with drawing, but I am very good at descriptive writing and I would rather create with my hands than draw something.

The problem is that I never went to a university (I went to a career technical school for massage, so I know human anatomy pretty well at least!), so I never had a chance to enroll in extra courses like sculpting or anything. I currently live in Lafayette, Louisiana.

I'm not even sure if sculpting is the way I want to go. I'm very nervous about taking big steps toward something and I want a way to know if I will at least enjoy it later on down the line.

My absolute love is monsters. Nothing else in the world spurs my interest more than talking about monsters, how they work, and how you can use them. Fear and psychological stress are very interesting to me. As a writer, I tend to think about the technical parts of monsters as well, and incorporate any history/background given to make it more believable. I'm rather scientific when it comes to how I think of them, from anatomy to how it would think.

Relative to the topic question, I know there aren't just "basic" courses. They seem like you would need some prior classes or already be familiar with some of these techniques or materials to really get the most out of the lessons. I've been thinking about this for years and I really want to step forward and start my path. A few starter tips would be appreciated. I tried looking for another similar topic, but couldn't find one.

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    Thank you for your response! I've already tried some things such as sculpting masks and small figures. I know it's not that effective for masks, especially since I have sculpey and air dry clay but the forms are usually too heavy for itself/deforms easily for me to accept a finalized version of anything... I've dabbled with latex for normal scars and injuries, too. Luckily my girlfriend is an art major and there's already some tools lying around that I can use, plus others to compromise and get creative with. I haven't done much recently, unfortunately, so I don't have anything to show for it other than a mask I made a few months ago. Thanks for the info, I'll definitely try to gather some videos and make a playlist to watch sometime. I'll need to invest in some more plastic to cover things up with for sure. Haha
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    Nice! There is a lot to learn for SPFX out there. A playlist is a great idea to start. Check out some videos by Stuart bray: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCKZTt3ilM0Ry1YgN0ZJG7nw

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