Where to get supplies and a skill level question...

So i am looking to do the foam carved puppets course and was wondering where the best place to get supplies are? And also would you need to do the other puppet courses first? I wasn't as interested in that course simply because I do not trust my sewing skills but much more trust a sanding and carving skills.


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    I typically watch the courses before buying the materials and trying it on my own.  I like to see the entire process from start to finish so I have a better grasp on everything.  But you are welcome to build along as you watch it, I know some of our students love doing that.

    As far as where to get supplies, that depends a lot on where you live.  Some areas have local distributors for materials, and others you may need to order online.

    Here are a few good sources for some materials:

    Happy to help dive into more detail if you need.

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