Acting: Endurance- Wearing the Suit (silicone, foam latex, or other rubbers)

I will be building a full body suit very soon, I have plans for zippers and other seams for easy enter and exit to and from the sin tight body. I think I will make it out of the Soma Foama by smooth-on. There will be holes in high detail/ridged areas to help with breathing.

My question is more on the acting side/wearing side: 
As this material is a foam (and I suspect with any material that is a foam, or a silicone) I am concerned about the body being able to "breathe". Sweat, and otherwise.
I imagine wearing this suit, one would go in naked, but my curiosity has me wondering would it be wise to include areas that allow for a sweat wicking material? Under Armor heat gear or something?

Or would that just sponge up and trap sweat and be a health concern? 

Are holes and vents in high wrinkle areas the best option to help the body breathe? 

When in a suit that covers the whole body like that, plus head gear that covers the entire face, what is the best tactic to last? Cooling vests? Drinking water constantly? 

I have experience wearing fabric and foam suits, where cooling vests are less noticed, I also worry a cooling vest would not be able to be hidden in a suit such as this. Drinking water with rest spots seems to last me several hours. I've just not worn a fleshy rubber suit before, and I want to be prepared. 


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