SciFi movie "Violent Starr" needs creatures and robots!

Hello awesome people here at the Stan Winston School forums!
I'm a filmmaker from Germany and I recently finished the micro budget movie "ABCs of Sperheroes" which is a trashy anthology feature that is still touring festivals wordwide (while I'm sitting at home, haha). It features Bai Ling and Lloyd Kaufmann and it already won two awards.
I'm now planning a scifi feature film! Right now I'm looking for artists, creature designers, space ship builders who would love to hop on board! We already have the awesome Michael Berryman ("One flew over the cuckoo's nest", "The hills have eyes") and Bianca Bradey (Wyrmwood) on board and many more great people!
You can already see some spaceships on our facebook page:
The Violent Starr Universe is a very colorful one so different styles and approaches are not only okay but desired. 
We are a micro budget endeavour so we don't want anyone working for free but at a price that makes it possible for us to make the movie happen. So maybe some of you even have some creatures "lying around" from past bulits that never had their moment in front of a camera.
I'm really looking forward to hear from you here or via private message!
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