Thank You!! Finished IRon Man Mark 46 suit 3D printed

edited September 2016 in General

Thanks to all here that helped out in this project. This was my first build and all the tutorials here were a very big help. (Arduino basics etc..) not to mention the fourm. 8 months of learning, blood, sweat and tears. Just glad its all finished. I am a combat wounded veteran so this was a great escape for me building this project.

Stan Lee and his crew really appreciated it at the Cinci Comic Expo as well.  :)


  • Hey Tim,

    Your suit turned out amazing, congrats!  Glad our lessons (and community forum) could help you out!

    Can't wait to see what you make next, and hope you can share more of your work with us here.

  • Thanks Chris, Appreciate the feedback. there is one tutorial I would love to see here in the future if possible. Something on 3D printing/printing materials/finishing/strengthening the parts and how to link 3D parts together. (Buckles/straps etc...)

    C-3PO is  next.  :)
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