Batman Costume

Hi everyone.  I've been a fan of the school for the last few years, had full memberships and picked up a handful of the DVD's.

Now I'm finally getting into the forums and thought I'd start off by posting a suit I made.

  • All pieces were originally sculpted in oil based clay.
  • Silicone molds were created.
  • The final pieces were cast in various urethane plastics and rubbers.
I've got more pics on my facebook page and website, if you care to take a look.

Feel free to drop a message on here just to say hi or leave a question.




  • Jared LeeJared Lee ✭✭✭
    edited March 2014

    Golly! That is very impressive!

    Is that made from an original design?

    What where you insperations?

    I think I see some Arkham Orgins influences.

  • Thanks, Jared.

    I referenced the unlock-able armor in the challenge mode of Arkham Asylum.  I did take some liberties with it.  As you can see right now, it's solid black.  But I do plan on doing a set of armor with a more metallic finish to fit what it was like in the game.
  • Looks Cool! I just might have to make my own Bat-suit! What I've got in mind for the cowl is a modified version of the one from Arkham Origins.
  • Oh it's lovely! So shiny! I
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