Drilling drain holes in epoxy mold

I was wanting opinions on drilling drain holes in epoxy, in regards to drilling direction to best avoid chipping and excessive damage. Do you go from the outside in, towards and emerging through the detail or start from the inside and drill out so you can aim more precisely and choose placement better on a highly detailed mold? Also drill bit types and sizes that are commonly used for this task on a mold of a bust would be very helpful. Thanks!

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    I would start drilling from the inside, as the entry point will be cleaner than the exit.  As the drill bit pushes through the material the exit point can chip out a bit.

    You can also start with a smaller pilot bit and work your way up to your desired drain size.

    Make sure to use sharp bits, and try not to generate too much heat.  Drill in a bit, pull back to remove debris and allow the material/bit to cool before going back in.



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