Puppet builder needed

Hi - We need an ET type costume/puppet built for kid's tv show. Also need creative ideas for alien space ship build. November 1st shoot. Please email
me for details.
[email protected]


  • Don't you guys think that we need many of the "Gremlins 2: The New Batch" NEW Halloween Masks, Lifesize Puppet Dolls, and many new Stuffed Animals and many more "Gremlins 2" stuff? I think so!!!

  • Hi Eddie - re: job posting
    Do you build such prop/puppets? 
    Please email me if so. Thanks Lisa 

  • No I don't! 12 years back I used to build just a small head of a gremlin out of clay but it breaks apart. But I do like to ask someone who are the biggest "Gremlins 2" fans to build those.
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