Sculpting for begginers

I have a 7 year old who was tested for advanced placement in public school. The test revealed she has a high ability in the arts. We knew this from a very young age. She Loves to create things and sculpt. However, i have no idea where to take her to help nurture her abilities.  This is an example of her sculpting at age 5. Any suggestions on how to help her with sculpting, like lessons? I live in Chattanooga, TN and I have looked online for places that perhaps would teach some type of sculpting arts locally but have come up empty. Then again not sure what I should be looking for. They do not offer any sort of arts at our local school. She is 8 now!
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    Hi Phil,

    First, congrats on having such a talented young artist in the family!  One suggestion would be to  talk with an art teacher at one of your local schools as they may have some insight into the local artistic community and what type of workshops might be available to someone your daughter's age.  

    There are also maker spaces in many cities that have a good artistic community and those often have individuals who work with children and may know of some resources you and your daughter might be able to take advantage of.

    Even if the programs are not entirely focused on just sculpting, she may enjoy exploring other art forms while still growing creatively.

    I actually have a friend that is an art instructor in Tennessee.  I'll reach out to her and see if she knows of any workshops, classes, or other events that might be of value.

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    I head back from my friend, and she had a few good suggestions:

    The Hunter Museum has children's arts programs.

    Sculpt Nouveau is also local to you.  They make fantastic sculpting products and offer sculpting classes.  They may have something available for someone your daughter's age, or perhaps when she is a bit older.

    Townsend Atelier is also local to you and may have some arts and sculpting programs that you can take advantage of.

    Hope that helps!

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    thank you very much for your time and effort! I will definitely look into the programs you helped me locate. 
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