First mask

 Okay, not my FIRST mask (oh god THAT was terrible), but first resin based completed mask with an articulate jaw!  Need to work on my airbrushing for sure, the eyelids need reworked, and some other things, but I am happy with the results

Thoughts from folks who know WAY more than I do? I enjoy constructive critiques, as I am always looking to improve my craft. 



  • Looks great!  My suggestions would be to add whiskers and maybe see about adding some whisker-like hairs to the eyebrows.

  • Yes, the next renditions will have both of those! Ive already resculpted it also, since the nose was a bit short and kind of looked like a bear without ears on it Haha.. I learned so much, and have already begun applying it to my next masks and prosthetics
  • Nice!  I always love seeing multiple iterations of a design.  It's hard to change or redo things, but the end result is worth it.

  • Yeah, some things simply needed revamped as early as the very first time I wore it..not that the old one was bad in any way shape or form, but its just not where it needs to be. I'll get it on point though!

    thanks for the comments and advice, its always welcome :)
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