Carved Uphostery Foam Costume

I did this for last weekend's Dragoncon - never did anything quite like this before, so it was a lot of guesswork and error - in about two months of work. I didn't even get a chance to try it on before having to strap it to the roof of my Chevy Sonic and head to Atlanta from Detroit. That's when I discovered that the legs/feet didn't come up nearly as high as I hoped, and the belly section didn't come down as far as I wanted. Easy fix. Also need to put in a support system for the head - it didn't "squash" down on the neck so much while on the stand, but in wearing it, it did, and this kept the jaw from moving, along with flatting the cuts in the neck wrinkles I'd put in for ventilation and vision. Still, I've made much bigger mistakes when experimenting. I'm pleased with it - all my fussing above is fixable. 


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    Looks great!  I love all the detail on the head.

    One of these years I have to get to Dragoncon.  Looks like such an amazing event.

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    Thank you! And yes - Dragoncon is really, really amazing, definitely must-see. This was my first time there. It doesn't just exist at the four hotels, it took over most of downtown Atlanta. Turned the heart of the city into something magical and otherworldly!
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