Maquette Painting Techniques :: Trevor L. Hensley

Like all the videos here, what a great series. However, I'm not that savvy on airbrushes so I have a question about the type of airbrush shown at the end of the 4th video (Primer & Prep) 6:45'ish. It's called out as an Iwata Olympus but I thought these were competing manufacturers. A search on the Iwata website suggests it's an Iwata Kustom-CM, but I could be mistaken. Does anyone know for sure?


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    Hi Chaz,

    It may have been called out incorrectly in the video, but thankfully airbrushes are like any other tool.  You just need to find the right one for your budget and needs.

    Any dual action airbrush should do the trick.  One called out in the lesson materials list is the Iwata HP-C Double Action.

    The single action Paasche H is also mentioned, which is a great single action workhorse airbrush, which is used a lot at low pressure for spatter effects, and is great for spraying all kinds of mediums.

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