info needed for Nick Nitro head sculpt

does anyone know where the pour spout was located on Nick Nitro,s head on the production molds?. I plan on using expanding foam latex 
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    I'm not sure how the original molds were designed, but they likely follow the same basic guidelines we use today, which is to keep any bleeders/pour spouts away from detail areas (like the face) if possible.

    My guess would be the back of the head, or inside the neck.  I like to hide my pour spouts in the mold core so the cleanup work is on the inside of the piece.  But that depends on how the mold is designed and what the original sculpt looks like.

    Out of curiosity, what is your reason for wanting to run these in foam?  Since it's a small toy resin is usually ideal.  It's more durable, and does not break down over time like organic latex will with exposure to UV light, heat/cold, moisture, oils, etc.

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    I wanted to let everybody know that I have redone Nick Nitros chest because I have received more detailed images to go by
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