Getting Started - Soft, Medium or Hard


I'm looking to get started trying sculpture the fist time.  Found a store in my area where I can get things like Monster Clay or Chevant...but these clays come in soft, medium and hard versions and I'm not sure what is the best type to use.

I'm thinking of trying out a bust and then working my way to maquettes.  What kind of clay do I want to use when?

p.s. if there is a lesson that explains this that I've simply not come across, please point in the right direction




  • Hi Kevin,

    Which clay you choose depends on how you like to sculpt.  Softer clays are easier to work and let you create primary forms much quicker, but are more difficult to do fine details in.  Harder clays are great for crisp fine details, but can be more difficult to work (often requiring more heat)

    I would suggest starting with the medium, which is the most popular for Chavant NSP and Monster Clay.

  • Thanks Chris.  I figured that would be the best route.  Thanks for the confirmation.
  • Starting working with monster clay recently. My only other modeling experience is with WED, so there's a learning curve. I've been using Medium. Working with it is a bit of a pain (gotta keep hitting it with a hair dryer or butane torch), but it drying fast is also a big plus; I've been able to man handle it to get angles and views with out damaging the sculpts, something I wouldn't be able to do with WED. I prefer WED over all, but this stuff is pretty great as well. I would second starting with Medium. 
  • I have been using basic polymer clay to do my Nick Nitro sculpt I found out the best way to work with it is to scope it a little bit  than put it in a cool place for it to cool down then sculpt some more again
  • Thanks for the input.  After thinking about it for a bit, I've decided to give good ole Sculpey a go.  I figure it's the quickest way to play with sculpting to see if I enjoy it and am remotely competent with it.
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