the Two-stage Joystick

Hello again Stan Winston School of Character Arts! If you guys may have discerned from my previous postings, I love doing practical effects for YouTube. I've decided My first big Animatronics Project that I have in mind is a Robot character that I'm making for my videos, which I've carefully named the Brilliantly Logical Utilitarian Temperamental Ordinance, or B.L.U.T.O. I'll post images of my project on a different thread, but here I just thought I'd discuss a new type of controller I've invented (albeit theoretically, for the moment) for the character.
I've called it the two-stage Joystick (if you can come up with a more interesting name for it, you can tell me what you'd call it in a reply). It's purpose is to maximize the puppeteer's ability to control a two-stage tentacle mechanism, allowing them to control two tentacles at once. This device could Transform the world of Animatronics forever; with this invention, animatronic characters that would take three puppeteers to operate with traditional tech (like B.L.U.T.O.), could be controlled by just two guys.
I came up with this Idea when I was watching the behind-the-scenes video for the 1986 Sci-Fi film Short circuit. What I'm aiming for is similar to the telemetry suit that was used to Puppeteer Johnny 5, but made for a Tentacle mechanism. I'll draw a diagram of how it's configured in little while, but it basically works by reverse-engineering the idea of a Two-stage tentacle.


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