What do you use to bond two pieces of foam together?

   Hello, I'm new here but I'm hoping everyone here can help me out on this. I'm working on a foam suit for the first time after watching Ted Haines. Despite it being my first time, I've very ambitious for this project and am wanting a lot out of this suit.

   I've tried using hot glue but it's a hit or miss situation. And I've used a Loctite spray adhesive that I picked up at Home Depot. That seems to work pretty well but I just want to make sure that this suit isn't going to give me any problems mid performance.

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    Thank you for getting back to me Brenson, do you know where I might be able to find these. Like a HomeDepot or.. something common?
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    Homedepot will have everything but the zip kicker, i have only ever found it online and on ebay
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    Most of the time with foam I use Barge contact cement.  It has an amazing bond (is often used by shoe repair shops to attach soles).  Just brush a bit on each piece, allow it to dry, and press them together.

    They also make a thinner for barge that can help if you want to get very light coverage or better penetration into a part.

    As with any glue or chemical, try a small bit on a piece of scrap material before using it on your final part.  Barge, like many adhesives, has a solvent in it that can have a negative impact on some materials.

    If you are using something like L200 foam you should be great.
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    I second Chris's suggestion.  Barge is what we used in the Jim Henson Muppet workshop when I was there. 
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    Try to stay away from using hot glue on foam to foam contact. Hot glue melts the foam and doesn't really bond the two pieces together. Contact Rubber Cement like Barge is fantastic!  I recommend putting on one coat, waiting for it to dry (become tacky to the touch) then apply another thin coat, wait and again, once it is tacky "merge" the two pieces together. I know Weldwood is also a fan favourite.  Barg is also great for bonding leathers and rubbers.

    Try to stay away from floor adhesives- I know some people who have used it because it is cheaper and readily available at their local hardware store. These adhesives are garbage. They don't flex and sometimes breakdown fast over a short amount of time.

    I also probably don't have to mention it but I will...make certain you are in a well vented place and wear a respirator designed for vapours. The adhesives above stink to all hell and are cancer causing. After you glue and the lid is properly sealed still leave the windows etc. open as the object you just glued will still give off fumes.

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    Wow. Thank you all for the info, it's really helpful and I'll have to look for those soon when I head out next.
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