Making a dried wet looking blood recipe

I need a dry but wet looking blood recipe I can use on props like a table or even on my foam latex. Does anyone have any ideas? I was thinking some type of shellac or polyurethane?

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  • Here is a great video on that very subject:

    But in short, the best formula that I've found is clear glue (like Elmer's clear school glue, not their white glue) mixed with plenty of red food coloring that is darkened slightly with a bit of green food coloring.  You can adjust the color as desired by mixing in other colors such as yellow or blue, but I would be careful with blue as it shifts the red to purple rather than just darkening it.

    Once that mixture dries it still looks wet, but does not rub off.  It also has a bit of flex to it, which is great for wardrobe.

    Here is a zombie rod puppet I used that type of blood on.

    There are also companies that make this type of blood commercially.  

    One is "Perma Blood" from Pale Night Productions

    And Rip City FX makes a similar product called "Haunt Sauce" that is a little cheaper.

  • Thanks Chris that is what I was trying to duplicate the perma blood type solution. Not sure if you have ever seen the blood a prop company called unit 70 uses on their props but it is very good very dark almost black in some areas. It maybe this but just tinted differently. 
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