Projects I have completed using my SWSoCA DVDs

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First up is a link to my stop motion clip that I did following the advice of the Chiodo brothers on the DVD series on stop motion animation. It was a great learning experience and I hope to do more short clips and make each one better than the last.

Next are pictures of my Vacuum forming machine that I built following the directions from Fon Davis in the "Build a Sci-Fi Helmet" DVD part 1.The big difference between my machine and the one on the DVD is that I have a 5HP shop vac and I trimmed my machine in diamond plate. In the second picture you can see the frame held against the heat box by large wall magnets.


  • Awesome work!  That stop motion sequence is really great, I love the transition between seasons.

    And that's one cool looking vacuum form machine, I'm jealous!

  • That's a nice looking Vacuum Former!!! You get extra points for style!
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