creating cat ears/ neko ears

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Hi I'm new here and I'm about creating cat ears/ neko ears. What is recommended?
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    I'm refering of course at a realistic model of latex skin and somekind of furr, which must be sufficiently realistic to be able to use to serious films
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    You could sculpt the ears in your favorite clay, make a stone mold (plaster, hydrocal, ultracal, etc) and then cast a latex skin in the mold.

    After that you could paint the ears to get the desired skin tone, and hand lay some hair on them using pros aide or another clear adhesive.

    This lesson on hair transfers, flocking, and hair punching might help you out as well:  https://www.stanwinstonschool.com/tutorials/fur-transfer-electrostatic-flocking-and-hair-punching

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    I have not had the time, other things have come my way and I've been terrified of failure.
    techniques like "hair transfers; flocking; hair punching" does not exist in Sweden.
    I got some help from local business where one buy materials as latex etc. Who sayd that one should coloring the latex instead of adding color afterwards then it looks more realistic, apparently also have some water in latex.
    I feel a bit stupid that I didn't come up with the idea instantly, that fur is similar to hair, that hairdressers have, to be able to get from. Fur immitation from fabric stores is unable to trim.
    So glue fur on the back takes time when you had to take small flat fur pieces,,, Then there is an front side also, the dilemma is the focus, to conjure away an upper edge and be realistic,,,
    The computer made image is suppose to illustrate what I mean by, small pieces on the top =
    Will it be realistic to add narrow fur pieces on the top edge, or is it supposed to do this in a completely different way?
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    You can try adding the fur along the edges of the ear as you have in your illustration.  I think that would help to hide the thickness of the material and make the fur appear more natural.

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