This might be a dumb question but......

Ok so I'm a bit confused on how this "school" works.  I mean I know it's not like a normal university or any other online school, where you get college credits that then can transfer to a degree, or another school, I do get that ^_^ 

But my question is once you subscribe do you just get access to the video tutorials or is there more like a class like set up? Like for example do you get any type of credit in anyway for completing a project? Is there somewhere for the teachers to "grade" or critique your work other than posting it to the forum? After completing projects & following along videos for say like a year or two can you then put on a resume I trained at the Stan Winston School of Character Arts? I mean that sounds a lot better then saying I learned how to make ___ from YouTube LOL 

Sorry for so many questions but I just found this site & was so excited.  I've always wanted to go to school for special effects but there are no schools in my area that offer anything other than basic art.  I moved to California for a time to go to art school but even that school had very little about special effects so I took what they offered (mold making, sculpting, etc) and have now moved back to Texas because well California was out of my price range for a "starving artist"

Oh & HI everyone!! My name is Nina & I'm a free lance artist living in TX ^_^ 


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    Hello Nina!

    I know how you feel. I live in Chile and there´s no place to study FX or monster making, so i learned from myself untill Stan Winston School appeared. 

    It would be great if i could "convince" investors to make moster movies just saying "Hey, i approved this and that at SWS, you can trust me". 

    I have teached a lot of people to make FX since i believed that everyone can learn the technique and the talent makes you shine, but saddly is not like it in Chile. 

    So, it´s kinda important (At least in my country) to have the posibility to say "This is my backup".
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