Single LED light hookup

I need to make a small lightbulb dangle in the air, like on the end of a fishing pole. It can't be a stiff pole, so preferably just a bulb connected to wire, connected to a switch. I'd like to know exactly what to buy when I go into ACE or radio shack or whathaveyou. Thanks.


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    For LEDs the power you supply to it and the resistor you put inline with it changes from LED to LED.  Some even have the resistor built in so you don't need to calculate that.

    If you can find an electronics store that sells LEDs they can usually help you figure out the power supply and resistor.

    One great place to find LEDs online is https://www.superbrightleds.com/

    There are also kits you can buy that include a power supply, LEDs, etc.  And you can always scavenge a LED from unwanted electronics.

    And here is a calculator for figuring out the resistor:  http://led.linear1.org/1led.wiz

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    Depending on how invisible the hanging LED needs to be you can investigate Litz wire.  It's extremely thin multi-strand but will still handle movement etc. 
    If you choose a single core wire then you pay have issues with stresses if it is moved often.

    Litz is not that easy to solder but still doable. Look on Youtube for examples.

    If you are having trouble getting Litz send me a message and I can get some to you. I use it a lot in very small projects.

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