Severed Limb Prop - core

Hi Guys! 

I'm making a severed hand to practice painting and hair punching on. 
I'm making a silicone skin by brushing silicone into the cast. Any ideas what my options are for creating a core which will allow a bit of movement? - I'm trying to avoid using my silicone.

Thank you (:


  • Hi Beth,

    2 part urethane foams are great for filling something that you still want to be light and flexible.

  • Hi Chris, 

    Thank you for you help. Has it ever been considered to use polystyrene? Just for the sake of filling the limb?

    Thanks again,
  • Polystyrene foam is rigid, but would work to fill things in.  It's not a material I've personally poured up though.  Polyurethane foams are much more common.

    In a pinch you could even use something like the canned "great stuff" foam.  But because it comes out already foaming it would be more difficult to get it down into deep recesses (depending on your sculpt).  They even make a flexible version that is a bit softer than the normal "great stuff" formula.

  • Ah cool! I've never heard of that canned stuff!

    Thank you for your help!

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