Information regarding breaking up a sculpt for casting.

Hello there.

These past few days I have been researching about breaking up a clay sculpture for molding. More specifically chavant nsp medium clay. Im looking for information about the techniques being used. I am especially interessted in how to for example break off an appendage such as a leg, cast a mold for resin and making sure all the parts fit together for assembly and removing the seams once the parts have been resin cast. What I intend to make are show piece figurines/maquettes/collectible statues of which some may very well be of intricate design.

I would be very thankfull for any recomendation of books, or video lessons or otherwise on this particular subject. I have searched through the lessons on this site and perhaps I am just blind or outright dumb but I could not find any extended information about this subject.

Thank you in advance.


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    Hi Björn,

    In Timothy Martin's lesson on Monster Maquette Assembly Painting & Finishing he works with a maquette that has multiple appendages that were cast individually and shows how he seamlessly attaches them,

    He does not cover the sculpting, molding, or casting of the appendages, as those subjects are covered by other lessons.  But he does discuss how the he designed the appendages to attach to the body after casting.

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    Wow I cant beleive that I actually missed that one. A healthy reminder for me to look more thoroughly and always double check before starting threads.

    Thank you very much for taking your time to help me Chris. This lesson was precisely the thing I was looking for!


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