Some info needed befor i start paintinng my diablo costume

Just wanting to know if this is ok to do just trying to make it a bit cheaper to paint .

So the plan for painting diablo is to mix acrylic paint with latex first starting with 2 coats of white over the hole thing then spray the parts I want to have a fire / lava look with reds and yellow ect  and then just build up the rest of the body  by stippling with foam pads and dry brushing.

I have found this pick of the colour scheme I will try.

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  • Cheers for that but now I think I'm at the limit of my painting skill and looking at sealing it. What sealants could I use and how long would it last/ look good just siting inside the house with and without sealer just trying to figer out its life span it has about 3-4 coats of latex 

  • Cheers chris
    I done a small test with the Liquitex I think it should be ok but it did sort of make very small cracks when extreme bending just a bit worried using it around the arm joint but I do think it will be ok.

    In the t-rex and monster build ted uses rubber cement over the latex I cant seam to find the same stuff but I have found this rubber paint my friend is using it on a eva foam armour build could it be used over latex as a clear top coat instead of the Liquitex.
  • Nice, let me know how that works out for you!

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