*** Puppet Contest Winner Announcement ***

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And the winner is...

Tom Stone and his puppet Muppra the Prophet

Hello Puppet People,

What an incredible contest! Most exciting for us was seeing such a wide variety of characters and the different puppetry methods for bringing them to life. We fell in love with so many of the creations you submitted, and choosing a favorite was tough. 

But choose we must. As die-hard Jim Henson and Brian Froud fans, we were absolutely enchanted by Tom Stone's "Muppra the Prophet" puppet in all his wizened glory, from his horns, four arms, and beautiful facial patterns, all the way to his wardrobe and hair work. Congratulations, Tom! If we're ever in need of a prophet to help foretell our futures here at Stan Winston School, Muppra is our guy.

See more on the Stan Winston School Blog.

Thanks to ALL OF YOU for sharing your puppet art with us!

-Team Stan Winston School

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    10/10 fantastic puppet - Congratulations!
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    Congrats, well deserved winner! 
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    Congrats! Beautiful puppet, Tom! 
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    Congratulations man! You deserve it!
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    stunning work Tom, how do I email him directly, I am a former CBS animator for the Philly station, I was officially Maya Tech Specialist there but I have forged out on my own and do Maya full time, art and filmaking... I want this character - let the bidding begin, right... awesome you put a smile on my face... I went to Gnomon once on the CBS dime and now I am thinking Stan Winston is worth a flight out west I am in New Jersey and would love more info on the school this puppet is stunning work Tom and all - way to go guys and girls...
    Dan Chappelle

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    You can send a private message here on the forums, or post a comment on his puppet's discussion thread

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    Thank you everyone for your very kind words about Muppra.

    Daniel, I am glad Muppra made you smile.  He was a very fun character to work on.
    I did send you an email in case you had further questions.

    All the best everyone!
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    Congratulations Tom! Love the details!
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    Congrats Tom, what an awesome work! 

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    Real beautiful piece of art Tom! Good Job!
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