Silversurfer Finished

Jay HanJay Han ✭✭
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After Rom the space knight, make a new shiny heroe for myself :) 
1:6 scale supersculpey maquette 
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  • Great job with the muscle definition!

  • Thank you :) its already painted and try to end the board today.
  • Silversurfer Finished. 
  • So shiny!  What paint did you use?

  • base paint is a glossy rally black, and the most important was the airbrush paint  Alclad 2 Lacquers Chrome ALC-107 its made in england, they have mirrored gold, pale gold, polished aluminum and many other.
  • I had a feeling that might be Alclad.  Love that stuff!

    Again, awesome work!

  • Kai RottmannKai Rottmann ✭✭✭✭
    Very nice Jay ;-)

    Did you use a special- technique to apply that Chrome Lacquer with your airbrush?

    Something like: low pressure- high volume, to get that "wet" on?


  • Jay HanJay Han ✭✭
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    Hi Chris hi Kai 
    Thanks first.
     Yep i had to try many times  :) and used Gloss Black as base and 12-15 psi Pressure, 2 light coats is on it, with every new coat, its getting less shiny but strong in silver color 
  • awesome work, love the anatomy!
  • Thank you very much :) Thomas
  • Your very welcome Jay, love to see more work from you!
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