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New to the site and I've started my first project. I'm working on a ninja turtle costume and am in the process of making the mold for the mask. It's my first time doing any of this (outside of making armor out of sintra) and I hit a snag...

The back half of my mold is screwed up. I don't know if I worked too slow or didn't use enough water for the hydrocal, but the end result is that the back half is way to thin. Some of the registration keys are also pretty gnarly. 

I'm afraid to start on the front until the problems are fixed. So, assuming it isn't a lost cause, my questions are:

1) What can I do to thicken up/strengthen the back mold now that the hydrocal is set? 

2) What can I do to fill in the gaps in the registration point negatives? Would an export putty or something similar work?

Thanks for any feedback!

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    Yeah, I had intended in making the mold much cleaner, but when I realized it was setting so fast I panicked and did as much covering as fast as I could. But the mess job should at least allow for some better mechanical adhesion. I'll try fixing this before redoing it.

    Actually, come to think of it, I've got a ton of bondo from my last project. i imagine that might be good for filling in the gaps and helping strengthen the mold?

    Thanks for the feedback!
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