ROM The Space Knight (Battle Damaged)

Jay HanJay Han ✭✭
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Making ROM the space knight. My favorite and first super hero, i need to make this. I will not make it super clear shiny metal giant robot, need to make some changes like some scars on his living self regenerating metall cyborg body. Even human body get some scars after regeneration, he needs some too. And he will not very shiny but very chrome. I hope i get it so. 
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    Wow, I used to enjoy that comic as a kid!  Heck I might still have an issue or two lying around in storage, somewhere. 

     Very cool subject matter, and a very good start on your maquette. Keep at it, it's looking very good.

    -Jeffrey Warren Park
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    Nice!  Great eye for detail.

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    Thank you and make the new update after the first paintjob. The neutralizer and red cyborg eyes coming soon. 
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