Mrs. Thistletwat- Original design AVENUE Q Puppet

edited June 2016 in Puppet Contest

This Mrs. Thistletwat, is a foam/fabric rendering from my original design AVENUE Q Cast. Designing your own characters for such an iconic show is tricky but fun. Everything had to be differet -colors, shapes, and details! I had the honor of working with Rick Lyon, for a time and learned a vast deal from him about durability and keeping things light! Mrs. Thistletwat is my personal favorite from the cast. The original performer performed her with a Russian accent and she was hilarious! Thanks for taking a look! (Photos by Tom Chown)


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    Mary, I was Googling "thistletwat" -- as one does, you know -- and came across your wonderful puppet design. It tickled me to no end to see your take on her; the "eyebrows of judgment" seal the deal. Thank you! -- Jeff Whitty, 
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