Dennis Ombie - stop motion puppet

I purchased the SWSoCA DVDs for stop motion hosted by the Chiodo Brothers as a Christmas gift to myself last year. In February 2016 animator Anthony Scott of stopmotionanimation dot com decided to host a stop motion jam. Participants would need to submit a 20 second film with "Spring" as the theme and all skill levels were invited to participate. I decided that it would be the perfect time to try stop motion so I built a puppet and set following the instructions on my dvds.
My finished result is Dennis Ombie who is so happy the snow is gone and flowers are blooming that he decides to dance and jump around.
The stop motion jam had over 50 animators and Anthony Scott has a final cut complete and music is currently being written for it before it will be posted. My 20 second clip was called Spring Fever and here are a few shots and stills from the clip.

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