Robot Boy Puppet entry

Hey Chaps! 

I Thought I'd share our recent Robot Boy Bunraku style puppet (Produced by the team at Stitches and Glue, London) that we made for the Wellcome Trust as a part of their Brain project. Created in the UK in connection with Theatre Rites, the idea was to explore the parallels between the methods of brain investigation and manipulation employed by neuroscientists, with the methods puppeteers use to manipulate both a puppet and the spectators' imagination - giving the illusion of a living brain in a puppet.  

Our skills lye is fabrication so there was no real fancy animatronics or mechanisms, just a simple trigger to work the hands at the elbow. The main focus was on clean joints and ease of use. 

The wire lights were used to suggest the neurologic signals being sent down from the brain to the specific limbs and to highlight the senses. I hope you like him!


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