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Do you have any requests for Casey to go over in next lesson that are not in the course curriculum?


  • Not sure if it's in the curriculum, but talking about how to attach add-ons after the sculpt is finished (inserting teeth, spikes, etc.) Recommended materials/clays for different effects. That sort of thing perhaps?
  • Hello there, 
    I would like to ask if possible  the bust for paint class( i know its soon, like you told in webinar free class) but i live in Brazil (will take at least 2 week to get in here :( )so i would like to know if i can buy right now from you Casey, and you could send me as soon as possible. so will be here in the painting course at the starting time.

    Thanks alot

    Eduardo Buffardi
  • Perhaps not to go over in the lesson, but a list of books, videos, and artists that have been educational?  I know he goes over some in the video that brought a bunch of us here, but maybe he/we can generate a big fat list of "If you win the lottery, start by getting these..."?
  • Hi Casey,
    how would you go about sculpting simple cloth for a bust? and how would one go about pricing a commissioned piece (about 6th scale or like the size were doing in the course) ?

  • Hi Casey,
    How would be the armature for a bigger sculpture like the dragon-bird you've done? Which was the clay used in the dragon-bird? WED Clay? Did you use only wire and clay? Or even larger sculptures like a life-size creature?

  • Hi Helen,
    I think that's a great idea. The past few months for me have been fairly intense regarding reading, research and generally sucking up as much information as I can. In my case I've been revisiting anatomy heavily, dinosaur anatomy especially.  :D  
    Casey touched on some great books already. I didn't know about Creature, that's now on my forever growing wishlist!
    I'll share some of the books I've been reading recently which are relevant to this course in particular.

    Sculpting and Modeling:
    Edouard Lanteri: Modelling and Sculpting the Human Figure. Dover Publications.
    Bruno Lucchesi: Modeling the Figure in Clay. Watson-Guptill Publications/NewYork 
    Bruno Lucchesi: Modeling the Head in Clay. Watson-Guptill Publications/NewYork 1996

    Kimon Nicolaides: The Natural Way to Draw. Houghton Mifflin Company Boston.
    George B. Bridgman: Constructive Anatomy. Dover Publications, Inc. New York.
    George B. Bridgman:The Book of a Hundred Hands. Dover Publications, Inc. New York.
    Eliot Goldfinger: Human Anatomy for Artists. Oxford University Press 1991
    Michael Hampton: Figure Drawing, Design and Invention. M. Hampton 2011
    Ken Hultgren: The Art of Animal Drawing. McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc. 1950
    Burne Hogarth: Dynamic Anatomy, Revised and Expanded. Watson-Guptill Publications/NewYork

    Ray Harryhausen, Stan Winston, Creatures and Monsters!:
    Harryhausen and Tony Dalton: The Art of Ray Harryhausen. Aurum Press Ltd
    Ray Harryhausen and Tony Dalton: The Art of Ray Harryhausen. Aurum Press Ltd. 
    Farino and Calvin: The FXRH Collection. Archive Editions, LLC.
    Jody Duncan: The Stan Winston Effect. Titan Books. First Edition 2006
    Richard Rickitt: Designing Movie Creatures and Characters. Focal Press. 2006
    John Landis: Monsters In the Movies. (DK) Darlng Kindersley Limited. 2011
    Animals and Dinosaurs!:
    Charles R. knight: Animal Anatomy & Psychology for the Artist and Layman.  Whittlesey House (1947). 
    Gregory S. Paul: Predatory Dinosaurs of the World. Simon & Schuster, Inc.
    Gregory S. Paul: The Princeton Field Guide to Dinosaurs. Princeton University Press.
    David Norman and Peter Wellnhofer: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs. Salamander Books Ltd.
    Eliot Goldfinger: Animal Anatomy for Artists. Oxford University Press 2004

    Scott Spencer: Zbrush: 'Character Creation - Advanced Digital Sculpting'. Wiley Publishing, Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana. 
    Scott Spencer with Eric Keller and Paul Gaboury: Zbrush Digital Sculpying, Human Anatomy.Wiley Publishing, Inc.
    Various Contributors: Zbrush Character Sculpting. 3DTotal Publishing.

    Sculpting the Face - Anatomy and form with Ryan Kingslien
    URL: w*
    Cesar Decol - Armature building and creature design. (Monster month 2012)
    URL: w*

  • oops... Slight correction: 
    I have the 'Art of Ray Harryhausen' in there twice, the second listing was supposed to be
    'Fantasy Scrapbook', (Models Artwork and Memories from 65 Years of Filmmaking.)   :)
  • Hi Peter Cooper,

    Thanks for the lots of reference books! I don't know a lot of reference you've posted, it will be awesome to get to those.. Thanks!

    I would like also to share an Anatomy Book that I think is the best I ever saw:
    An Atlas of Anatomy for Artists, Fritz Schider, Dover Publications.
  • Hi Casey!!

    I'd like to hear from you about the necessity of following the Anatomy vs Inventing a different Anatomy ( inventing different muscles) for an Uncomum Character, and the limit about seeming wrong, or lack of knowledge from the Artist about Anatomy. I hope I could express the Idea. Thanks!!
  • Hi Casey!

    Here were I live, I've never found where to buy all the types of Clays that are available in the States. Could you talk about the types of Clay you use, which you use most and the qualities and purpose they serve, please. I really would like to have that notion. I mean, which is the difference about Roma, or Chavant, or Monster Clay, etc? Why so many types? Thanks! Gustavo
  • Hi Peter, Thanks for taking the time to post your list of recommended books! Much appreciated.
  • Hi

    I agree many thanks for all the info Peter.

    Did you manage to find the pipes flanges we were talking about or did you manage to go with your design.


  • No worries guys. Just glad I can contribute a little.

    Hey Steve, I didn't get the pipe and flange as yet.
    I made do with what I have for now, it's doing the job well.    :)
    Thanks for asking.
  • Hi Peter

    I had no luck in the uk either so I am doing almost the same as yourself

    loved the sculpt by the way.



  • Hi Peter Cooper and Steve Crisp,
    I couldn't find here in Brasil as well the pipe and the flange, so I bought a closet foot, it is only one piece. It costs 2 dollars.You can find those in any hardware store, to use as the pipe and the flange, I think it worked very well for me. Hope this works for you. Look the images attached. The turntable I made with an old PC Hard-Drive bearing. Gustavo
  • Hi Gustavo Marigo,

    That is excellent. I absolutely love your reconditioning of HDD parts. 
    I've a few old hard drives lying about, begging for an honorable death. 
    I've logged this tip for future reference! Thanks. 
  • Hey,


    That's a cool idea like you Peter I have old hard drives laying about going to try this out later

    looks like a good idea.



  • thank you for reference material peter! you should also check out this anatomy drawing tutorial by Riven Pheonix on youtube. He's got a dvd out too.
  • Hi Gustavo, thats a great idea! i can't wait to try this :) earlier I tried using the base of a doorknob but it didn't hold the pipe very well. so right now im using the base of a drum chair that i had laying around
  • Hi Peter, Steve and Adam! I am really happy to have shared this idea, the turntable stood very modest, and simple, but elegant. When you've done, can you share the photos with me, please? I'd like to see how it is. Let's make re-use, recycling!

  • Hi Gustavo

    Yes I will post so pictures of the turn table when ive done it no problem.



  • Gustavo and Steve, here's what I'm using currently for the turntable.
    It's a (TV) turntable designed to carry up to 120kg+ of weight, mine is the 12" variety.
    I think they come in 8", 10" and 12".  The 10" guy from amazon is only 3 quid.

    Here's abit of info and link:

    It does a nice job.
    If your sculpt is light, you may need to 'blue-tack' down your base on the turntable.  

  • Hi Peter

    Me to mine cost the same too



  • I can't seem to upload snapshots at the moment, sorry about this. 
    You can check the link in the meantime for reference.
  • Hi Steve, nice!
  • Peter, Cool and cheap product too! nice reference, thanks!
  • Hi, everyone, sorry to be late to the party.  Thank you so much for all the book suggestions, I took the entire list to the library to have them brought in.  Luckily, my librarian is used to my shenanigans.

    I have some to add as well:

    Snowdon Sittings (buying link) (pretty pictures link)  He got some really amazing photos of people, very close up.  I love looking at his older people portraits.

    It might seem a bit odd, but Making Comics by Scott McCloud.  He has a couple of really good pages on faces and expressions that changed the way I create them.  Here's an example.

    Facial Expressions
    and Facial Expressions Babies to Teens by Mark Simon.  It's nice to see a whole bunch of different faces doing the same thing.
  • Wow, nice Helen!! Thanks, I will check them out when I can.
  • In addition to Mark Simon's Facial Expressions (which is ample with facial reference), there is 'Stop Staring: Facial Modeling and Animation Done Right!' by Jason Osipa. He's a good in-depth knowledge on the subject, well worth a read also. 

    If you want to go crazy on facial expression, 'micro expressions', emotion and the physcology of it all, check out a fella called Paul Ekman and FACS (pronounced fax). (Facial Acting Coding System)

    The Snowdon Sittings link looks amazing, thanks for that. 
  • Here's my 12" turntable, the under the hood magic managed to upload the snapshot this time. Yay. 
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